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The Yoga teacher-student relationship

A teacher’s role is to develop the student’s ability to become more aware of what needs to be understood from within.

My personal Yoga practice

I find it fascinating how this home yoga practice has gradually become an integral part of my life.

The 7 Vital Principals – Quieting the mind

We immediately think of a meditative state of mind, but there is another aspect of a quiet mind when we position ourselves on the mat.

What to expect from a Vijnana Yoga class?

It is a practice of mind and body that strives for simplicity while seeking precision in posture and breath from within.

How to find the right yoga course for you

Find out what to look for when searching for a suitable studio and course .

Where I draw my motivation and inspiration?

The way yoga encourages you to gradually change in a very intentional way inspires me deeply.

The 7 Vital Principals – Relaxing the Body

You do as little as possible. Your goal is to practice with a relaxed body and learn from it.

Why I chose Vijñāna Yoga as my practice?

It was in times of despair, that I was introduced to Vijñāna Yoga, also known as the “yoga practice of deeper understanding”.

What makes for good Yoga equipment?

My tips for the perfect Yoga equipment

What is so different about 9 Star Ki Astrology?

9 Star Ki Astrology is used to understand and define your personality, relationships, proclivities, and real-life potentials !

Let´s partner up

Yoga and astrology have changed my life in many positive ways and I want to pass that on. My favorite way to accomplish this task is with like-minded individuals with whom I can jointly plan, design and implement workshops or retreats.

This is me

I was born and raised in Berlin as the youngest of three children. I always wanted to be a teacher. But it wasn’t until I decided to follow my dream that yoga took up more and more space in my life

How do you define responsibility?

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” (Sigmund Freud)

Is there a reality beyond cause and effect?

Everything that does not take place within my Self is liable and binding. It prevents the maturation of my BEING and causes harm.

How can moving house change your life?

On the surface it might be just a tangible event that can be seen, heard, tasted, smelled & touched. But deep within yourself it gives you the chance to start over.

How can something so old be so up to date?

It is through reducing my mental processes that I will be able to remove the illusion of the “Real World”, the cause of suffering,

My final Evaluation in Yoga-Testimonial

It is a beginning rather than an end

9 Star Ki elements

All individuals of Earth nature (2,5,8) are of a balanced, centered & stabilized character

How Yoga transforms lifes?

Being aware of how I do what I do.

What is Sitting?

Simply sitting is a difficult practice.

How can Yoga teach us to see more clearly?

We observe and the ability to focus grows. The more we look, the more we see.

Why are basics in Yoga so important?

There is no substitute for a stable base.

What does Yoga teach us about the opposites?

I truly believe that nothing happens by coincidence.

What is “Bliss”?

It is not about feeding or supporting your family and it is not about what your family wants you to do.

9 Star Ki Number – Part III

The third number basically reveals: HOW AM I SEEN BY OTHERS?

9 Star Ki Number – Part II

The second or central number takes a deeper look at your character: HOW DO YOU RELATE TO OTHERS?

9 Star Ki Number – Part I

Each KI number consists of three digits. The Primary Number relates to your Principal Nature in Ki Astrology.

What is different in Vijñāna Yoga?

It encourages us to see the passing events from a deeper and more secure place within us.

How to adjust when things do not go to plan?

This process is necessary to become aware of one’s unconsciousness.