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Vijñāna is “Deep Understanding”

Vijñāna Yoga

It is a way of life, a path, not just a combination of exercises, philosophical ideas and breath control. It restructures the physical body, as well a the mental and emotional body. It changes our attitude and enables us to approach life from a radically different inner place.

It encourages us to see the passing events from a deeper and more secure place within us. the companion of Feng shui


Feng Shui refers to your environment, your home, whereas 9 StarKi – Astrology refers to your personal strengths and weaknesses and ways to bolster your energy. It helps you to understand your relationship to others and enables you to work challenges in all areas of life.

In 9 Star Ki , you’re assigned three stars when you’re born. These star energies provide you with various characteristics and traits.

Are you looking for some ME-time?


This is the right place for those seeking a path to deepen their own yoga practice  as well as for those longing for peace and quietness and being in Nature.

Delicious prepared vegetarian food is waiting for you.

Come & Join the adventure of life. 

Yoga Course Schedule


Following my bliss

Who am I?

One of a million, a seeker for truth following my passion.

I consider myself blessed and I am grateful for every single day.

For me life is about finding my purpose and keep following it.

It is about overcoming my fears by facing them. 

Being the hero of my own story.

I have days when I fall but then I get up and I keep moving forward.

At the end I feel what counts is, how courageous I have been and how much I have showed off ;-).

Intuitive 9 Star KI Astrology

Japanese 9 Ki astrology is probably the world´s oldest form of astrology.

A highly evolved system based not only on the movements of the stars, but also on the forces of Yin and Yang and the I Ching, the Book of Changes.

With Intuitive 9 Star Ki, also known as Feng Shui Astrology you are more aware of…

  • your true potentials and talents
  • your personal relationships and love life
  • choosing the right path
  • health issues that can arise
  • which months and years are best for personal growth



Together with like minded souls, come and experience spiritual well being and Nature.

Aroma Yoga Retreat

09 May, Sunday - 9:00 am - 1:30 pm
Monte Rosa

Aroma Yoga Retreat

KI Beach & Yoga

12 June, Saturday - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Praia Grande Beach

KI Beach & Yoga

Magial Sunset Yoga & Drum

04 July, Sunday - 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Praia Grande Beach

Magial Sunset Yoga & Drum


It´s all the Little moments that make life a BIG adventure!


Why All Life Is Yoga?

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