Vijñāna Yoga – Mindful morning practice

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Vijñāna Yoga – Mindful morning practice

Doing less is being more

This class is for all beginners who are curious about yoga and want to try something new, as well as for the more experienced who want to freshen up their own practice. This class  does not require any previous yoga experience:

What can you expect?

Vijnana Yoga is a “practice of deeper understanding.” It invites you to become more aware of how you do what you do and why you do it 😉. You connect from within. We will practice:

💫Meditation – What exactly is behind it? Unfortunately, the word meditation has become associated mainly with less positive meanings, scaring people away rather than strengthening their intentions.

💫Breathing Awareness – What is normal breathing? You become aware of your own breathing and experience how you breathe and where you breathe to begin with. What moves your breath? Where can you connect with it?

💫Breath Control – The control of the breath is the direct connection to our mind, to our thoughts. If we manage to control our breath consciously, we are also able to calm our mind and thoughts. A useful tool is the introduction of the 10 Vayus (the ten vital winds) 

💫 Asanas – From the perspective of Viinana Yoga, the path to a yoga posture is much more important than the result. When the body is ready, the posture unfolds for us. It is fundamental to include the 7 vital principles of yoga, especially the first of relaxation. 


Why making time for myself ?

Because you deserve some ME-Time.
FEED  your soul …and eventually give back and share with others.
Enjoy your yoga break!

Where & When?

WED from 10.00 – 11.30 am

Rua Miguel Bombarda, Nr. 5,
SILVES, Algarve
(close to the post office)
No level required.
Languages spoken: DE, EN, PT
Contribution: EUR 18.- / p.P.
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Pre-registration is required and payment must be made in advance😉.

Cancellation policy: You must cancel at least 2 hours before the start time of your yoga class. If you cancel less than two hours in advance, the class will be regarded as attended and not refunded.

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