Yoga gift voucher

Looking for the perfect present ?

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Make this occasion a special one and  treat your loved ones to some ME time – give the gift of health, awareness and well-being over something to posses.

In this busy world, it´s easy to forget to care for yourself. Share the love of yoga with your partner, partner in crime, best friend, sibling or parent with All life is Yogas’ gift voucher. 

Choose from a variety of classes for your gift certificate:

🎄a Yoga Outdoor Group Class on the beach to experience being one with nature and working with your senses
🎄an Indoor Yoga Class at the studio to become more aware of how you do what you do
🎄a Yoga Workshop that allows to explore the weaker areas of the body and strengthen them
🎄a Private Class tailored to the individual needs of the recipient
🎄 a Class Pass of 3, 5 or 10 lessons that allows to enjoy yoga for a longer period of time

No previous level is required !

Maybe you would like to give Presence, not Presents on your next event that you’re organizing?

A birthday, wedding, hens/stag party or simply want to bring a group of friends together in a beautiful location for yoga session?

Let me help you to spread the love of yoga  😉


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