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Private Yoga Holidays-Algarve

Carvoeiro Lagoa

As we walk on a path, we walk, not knowing. Even though we don´t know, we still continue walking. We might think we know, but actually we know very little. And the way reveals to us , time and again, this not-knowing, and also gives us the strength to continue walking. You come first Description […]


Yoga Inversion Masterclass

Centro de Yoga, Silves Silves, Algarve

What is a Yoga Inversion? Yoga inversion is a category of yoga poses (asanas), that place your head below your heart and hips, therefore “inverting” your body from its normal upright position. Any pose in which your heart is higher from the ground than your head is considered an inversion asana/pose. This includes common poses […]

15€ – 25€

5 eye-opening Yoga and Permaculture workshops

Quinta da Fonte Velha Estombar, Lagoa

Gardening, like yoga, pulls us into that relationship of being connected to all things. People garden for that timeless connection.” Yoga and Permaculture   Yoga and Permaculture are a natural pairing. Planting a seed, nurturing its growth, and experiencing its beautiful expression in full bloom is not unlike the yogic process of setting an intention, […]