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The 9 Star KI Astrology Community – online

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Let’s create online …

our own Intuitive 9 Star KI Astrology Community acknowledging our freedom & love to one another❣️.
Everybody is welcome whether you are an experienced practitioner or just started off on 9 Star KI.
I feel supporting & guiding each other on our 9 Star KI journey is what makes all the difference.
Giving importance to the little moments in life that make life one big adventure using the right energy at the right time wisely.
9starki feng shui astrology
9 Star KI – an invaluable tool which will change your life forever.” (William Spear)

What is in for me?

Hopefully this free of charge sharing will take you from understanding the basics all the way to doing advanced interpretations and making predictions for your friends and family and for yourself of course !



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Make sure you read my blogpost “An introduction to 9 Star KI Astrology” before you enter the online meeting !

If you want to go already deeper into the topic and determine your own KI number, listen to the following podcasts on Youtube :

 Your Adult Ki number

 Your child number

 Your third number

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Free of Charge

Language: English



Sessions of 60 minutes

Time will still be settled closer to the date 😉

Books on 9 Star KI:

Feng Shui Astrology, Jon Sandifer

Nine Star KI, Michio Kushi

19 November
Friday @ -