Meditation and Breathing Workshop

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Meditation and Breathing Workshop

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Meditation – Sitting

The tradition of sitting meditation is much more than only rules applied to the posture.

It doesn’t have anything to do with „doing“

It is a quiet sitting, with minimal instruction and no specific objective.

The mind clarifies itself, and the sitter discovers his way home, his basic nature, that has been there all the time, always was, always will be.

You don´t think about what is good or what is bad, you don´t try to judge what is right or wrong and you don´t try to understand your feelings or thoughts or opinions.


Pranayama – Breathing

Pranayama – Breathing is not only a collection of breathing exercises. It is always the correlation between the mind and the breath.

„He who controls his breath, controls his mind and vice verse“.

Before beginning to practice, we need to relax and observe our natural breath for a moment. Feeling its mood before we intervene. The mind arises with breath, and breath with mind. There is a deep connection between them. Therefore stopping of the one is the stopping of the other.

When we work to control the rhythm of breathing, we have to do less than we can, so as not to create tension or pressure. Pranayama and forcing don´t go together.

The purpose of Breathing practices is to breathe gently, smoothly and continuously. Helping Prana (vitality) to flow through the body and to heal.

Where & When?

Centro de Yoga, Silves-Algarve
Sat. February 18, 2023
3.30 pm- 5 pm

Conscious Contribution: EUR 20.-/p.P.
Main Language: EN

(Facilitator speaks also PT and DE )

No level required.

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    18 February
    Saturday @ 15:30 - 17:30





    Centro de Yoga, Silves

    Silves, Algarve Portugal

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