One to One Retreats


Your very own private retreat just for you.

This is a unique personal one to one retreat just for you, tailored to your own needs – no groups, no shared rooms, just support and space for you to develop and grow at your own pace through one to one coaching, mentoring, healing therapy sessions and walks in stunning nature.

Discover a little corner of Portugal called Alvor in the Algarve and go through a unique yoga experience. The south coast of Portugal is an insider’s tip, as there are both beautiful sandy bays and impressive cliffs.

In addition, there is the Atlantic Ocean with its enormous expanse. The place is located directly on the coast and offers ideal conditions for relaxing yoga classes.

Retreat Highlights:


  •      Daily Yoga practice
  •      Free time to explore the surroundings
  •      sessions will take place in the studio and on the beach
  •      6 nights accommodation directly at the sea, free WLAN
  •      Self-catering
  •      Ayurvedic massage


  • Beginners
  • Advanced


Yoga style:

Vijñāna Yoga


Group size:

1 participant

2 participants (if couple)



 German, Portuguese or English



Practicing Vijñāna Yoga includes…

-the seven Vital principles


-Pranyama with attention to the 10 Vayus

-a group of Asanas

-the study of yogic texts


Day of arrival

Breathe IN and Breathe OUT !

I will meet you in your accommodation and leave you some important tips and insights.

By that time you might have already an idea when you would like to book your massage or maybe you have any other wish you would like to come true ;-).

In the evening we will come together for a gentle first Yoga practice with focus on the 7 principles of yoga.


1st day

After breakfast

9.30 am  – Morning yoga (focus on: standing poses)


6:30 pm  – Yoga in the evening (focus on: meditation level 1)


2nd day

After breakfast


 6:30 pm –  Yoga from the Inside (focus on: movement & breath)


3rd day

  After breakfast

   9.30 am  – Morning yoga (focus on: backbending)


   6:30 pm  – Sitting and study of text        


4th day

   After breakfast, day at leisure

   6.30 pm – Yoga (focus on: forward bendings)


5th day

   After breakfast

   9.30 am  – Morning yoga (focus on: inversions)


   6:30 pm –  Yoga (focus on: Twists)


6th day

   After breakfast, day at leisure

   6.30 pm –  Sitting and study of text  


7th day

   After breakfast