Lunchtime_Yoga Algarve

Lunchtime Yoga Flow

Why Lunchtime Yoga?

-It increases your mental clarity.
-It gives you a positive & social ME-Time during the day.
-It improves your mood.
-It helps your digestion.

Why Vijñāna Yoga?

Vijñāna Yoga is a gentle yoga practice from deep within . It guides you to a deeper understanding of your body and the space around you.
It reestablishes your balance lost between heaven and earth.
It invites you to slow down and relax  and at the same time sharpen your awareness and focus.
Stress is automatically reduced in both mind & body, and enables you to find what feels good!

Why making time for myself ?

Because you deserve some ME-Time.
FEED  your soul …and eventually give back and share with others.
Enjoy your yoga break!

Where & When?

WED & FRI from 12.30 – 2 pm

Rua Miguel Bombarda, Nr. 5,
SILVES, Algarve
(close to the post office)
No level required.
Languages spoken: DE, EN, PT
Conscious Contribuition: EUR 13.- / p.P.

Pre-registration is required 😉 .

Centro de Yoga

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