Blindfold Yoga – Doing Less & Sensing More

Doing Less & Sensing More – Blindfold Yoga

Making sense to the senses.

For me practicing blindfold Yoga (not seeing) is:

Trusting in who you are“.

When practicing Blindfold Yoga sight is removed from your yoga practice, there’s no choice but to turn inward and heighten your other senses. Suddenly you might even realize that your ability to hear and smell is better. 😉

When your eyes are covered, there is less opportunity for distraction and comparison with the one next to you.

When you remove your most relied-upon sense—your sight—your other senses heighten naturally, forcing you to look within and observe the weaker areas that need strengthening.

You will move and use your body more consciously as to not lose your balance. You also get a window into your deeper, inner-most thoughts, which might make your practice suffer.

Blindfolded yoga forces you to focus more on How you are doing WHAT you are doing….to be more aware on the How as to the Outcome.